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Which one is better for me? iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4?

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 Which one is better for me? iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4?


If you can point us in the direction of a bigger rival in the mobile technology niche – you will have to show us who they are, because the biggest we can see is Samsung v Apple. Today, we want to look at who is better for you – Samsung, or Apple? They both produce a variety of great products every year, with unique features, and they are involved in a constant tug of war. We want to look at the features and everything else that makes the newest Samsung and Apple products – the S4 and iPhone 5 – the two strongest Smartphones on the market, but which is stronger?

Design Specificationss4 or iphone 5

Apple is very picky and attentive on the design of their products, as it is one of the key selling issues – and the iPhone 5 is glorious, it is light and sleek, everything fits just right on the screen, too.  It feels like it is worth the money you paid for it. The iphone5 is nice and practical, if a little big for the average hand.

However, the Galaxy S4 is the complete opposite! It looks very cheap and the plastic around it looks really poor quality, too. However, the phone is very sleek and continues the trend of Samsung Galaxy phones in looking like something from a futuristic film (albeit ten years ago!) it is smooth and comfortable with the 5” screen easy to read and the resolution of the screen being very sharp. The S4 is compact and very easy to fit into your pockets and your hands, it really does fit a large display onto a small phone, and it is still very comfortable to hold.

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Now on to the main thing – the display. If you play a lot of games on your phone, or if you spend a lot of time watching video – maybe you commute a lot and need to pass the time – then your money should go towards the Galaxy S4. The iPhone 5 has a 4” screen – 1” smaller than the Galaxy S4 – so you are dealing with a 5th less of a screen.

The iPhone 5, however, is special in the display department – the display is so colourful, vibrant, and sharp. The text is super simple to read and everything goes to different applications and screens smoothly and quickly.

The Galaxy S4, although still very high quality in the display with a great contrast slider giving you full control over the screen, but the iPhone 5 beats it here – it is perfect in its contrast, quality and everything else.

Also, the iPhone 5 is better outside, the screen glare is not so bad, and the higher brightness means that indoors you can see everything, even if you are in a really dark room.

Overall, with such close specifications in the actual phones – it comes down to two things. Screen power, and Operating System. Do you prefer Android or Apple? Can you live with the smaller screen and quality to have your beloved Android? It really does depend on your preference – but if you are a first time buyer of a Smartphone, we highly recommend the iPhone 5, but it retails at some crazy prices depending on where you live, so it may be financially safer to go for the still power S4.